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School group travel

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TDG is proudly the trusted and preferred school group travel agency of Catholic Education Melbourne.

TDG specialises in all areas of school group travel and make the process as seamless as possible.

Arranging school group travel can be a stressful process which requires months of planning, detailed knowledge on destinations and the special ability to bring the learning and curriculum from the class room into a life experience.

TDG specialises in all of these areas and will make this process as seamless as possible. We have advanced technology so we can monitor where each of our groups are around the world, and provide the tour leader notification of any travel and safety alerts while on tour.


RollCall monitors in real time.

The application for this technology is wide ranging and state-of-art and is developed exclusively for TDG.

TDG is also proud to partner with RollCall™ to track and to monitor tour members, using near field magnetic (NFC) swipe cards in combination with smart phone technology.

Tour members issued with NFM cards are able to swipe against a dedicated tour leader’s smart phone to immediately push time and location stamped data to head office databases or other named smart phones.

This provides a real-time audit trail of the traveller’s whereabouts at agreed checkpoints, getting on and off vehicles, and orienteering/exiting accommodation facilities.

Using reverse geocoding not only displays and records the time of each check on or off, but also displays the mapped location anywhere in the world. The application for this technology is wide ranging and state-of-art and is developed exclusively for TDG.


With our collaboration with Delta Risk Management we can also provide specialist services in destination and travel activity risk assessment; travel safety training for group leaders, and risk alerts/updates for groups on tour.

Risk Management and Compliance supports the establishment of robust travel policies and procedures, as well as campus/facility vulnerability assessments.   

Travel security and safety training empowers individual travellers and tour leaders, including RollCall™ group member safety monitoring and GPS tracking technology.  

Global security intelligence offers location specific safety reporting, pre-departure security briefings and on-tour risk advisory updates. 

Child safe compliance features development of strategies, policies and procedures to comply with relevant legislation, especially in relation to children on excursions, exchanges, camps and tours.


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