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Case Studies

Corporate, Leisure, Groups and Event Travel Management


Reason for Change:
As a growing business with increasing travel needs, the agency that was supplying our services were requiring increased oversight and touch points to bookings. As such, we felt it important to grow our business concentrating on revenue streams rather than be burdened with administrative oversight of a supplier.
Chage Process:
We looked and assessed:
●Product Offering
●After Hours Services
TDG were willing to accomodate and develop to meed our needs vs “well, that is the system we have.” As we are a solutions company providiing flexible and changeable models for our clients, working with a like minded company was just what we needed.


That feeling you get when help is just a phone call away.

The head of a well-known university was referred to us by a client after her husband sent his passport to the Brazilian visa office via normal post. It wasn’t until after six weeks, with only less than a week left before the planned trip that they heard back from the consulate, who said they didn’t have the passport. The consulate also said that they would not be able to issue a visa in time for the trip since it would take up to a month to issue one.

The Solution?

Immediately, TDG arranged for a replacement passport. Tagged as urgent, the passport arrived within 24 hours and was couriered to Canberra. With the help of our contacts, TDG got the Brazilian embassy to provide the visa within 48 hours. Within 48 hours, the passport was couriered back to the owner and the couple enjoyed a relaxing trip to Brazil on time.